Life Is A Salesman’s Dream

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Amanda Greenwood

Amanda Greenwood MA

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9th June, 2019

Life is a salesman’s dream

And it started with a single bean

A tiny little sprout of human life

In a world that was yet unseen

And the salesman watched in awe

As the ice began to thaw

And the atmosphere was crystal clear

As the salesman begged for more

Dear sky, dear sky, I pray you’ll give

The precious gifts I need to live

And so the sky obeyed demand

And put the goods into his hand

A land of green, a sky of blue

A wondrous seed that grew and grew

And so the salesman begged for more

Until he simply had it all

His worldly goods he could have shared

But greed it was his cross to bear

And so he sold it for a price

The precious gift of human life






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